Rewards Program


Love rewards? Then do not miss on our Lavender Living Elite Program, because we are all a little bit special!

Our Rewards Program offers 7 VIP Tier Programs and is our way of saying Thank You for shopping with us.

We wanted to create a rewards program that is easy to follow without unnecessary mathematical conversions in your head. Be it joining our newsletter ( $10 off and points collection), referring us to your friend, opening an account, reaching the next tier or placing an order, every little action you take is rewarded with points.

The rewards are in addition to any sales and offers we may have throughout the year.

Note: We have made an update to our rewards settings on 17.7.21. If for any reason your total number of points is incorrect please get in touch with us here.





Can I earn points if I do not open an account?

Sorry, but no.

Do points expire?

Points do not expire, however the rewards and vouchers are valid for up to 60 days from the date you receive them.

How do I know how many points I got?

Just log into your account and click on the Elite Rewards tab in the left bottom corner of your screen. You will see the Tier level you are in. You will also get automated emails for each action rewarded detailing the new points acquired and the total number of points you have.

How are points calculated?

For each 50 points you will get an equivalent of $1 off.

I had an account with Lavender Living previously and had already placed orders in the past can I be awarded points retrospectively?

Yes, but conditions apply. You will still have to open a new account with us first. This is because we are on a completely new e-commerce platform and have not stored personal information you have used to open an account with us previously.

If you have been flagged by our system for potential fraud in the past, you will not be be allowed to open a new account or place an order with us, therefore no points will be awarded retrospectively.

I have placed orders in the past as a guest, without an account, can I still get my points awarded retrospectively?

Yes, the same process applies as above. However, please note that moving forward if you place an order as a guest no points will be awarded retrospectively as our system does not allow for continuous adjustments.

Is there a maximum number of reviews I can make?

Yes, maximum of 10 approved reviews per day. Also, the reviews must relate to the items purchased from our website only.