What's Behind The Label?

Lavender Living Blog

If you are new to health and beauty products that do not contain harsh synthetic chemicals and are trying to make sense out of jargons being thrown around, then we hope this little snippet of information will shed some light.

Most cosmetic brands and beauty stores use terms such as:





interchangeably and yet they still could define each term differently. You probably already know that natural does not necessarily mean safe. Hello Poison Ivy, Arsenic and Lead! So how are you to know what is beneficial and what’s best to avoid?

This is what the following terms mean at Lavender Living:

Natural, Toxin-free or Clean ingredients – free from toxicity or synthetic chemicals, safe natural ingredients, naturally derived or obtained from natural sources, food grade where applicable.

Organic ingredients – Certified organic or in the process of obtaining certification, free from GMOs, synthetic chemicals or other toxins.

So why make a switch to a clean, toxin-free lifestyle? You will never be able to control all aspects of your environment. Think air pollutants, you have no control over. But you do have a control over most products you consume or apply to your skin. And guess which organ is the largest? Skin. Therefore what ever you choose to apply to your skin will be absorbed to your body, and your mind and body are inter-dependable hence why it is important to nourish both.

Things to remember:

1. Your skin may favour some brands over others and that is normal

Sometimes a look and feel of packaging may attract us to a brand, but our skin and its appearance may give a different verdict. There are so many factors to consider when choosing your favourite skincare or makeup product. You should not be discouraged if it takes some time and a few brands before you discover your ultimate go to products.

If you are anything like me, you will find that even with your most favourite products your skin sometimes gets "fed up", in which case you will have to rotate your products for a few months and opt for another brand. It took me 6 different natural and organic deodorants to find the one that works for me.

The good thing during this journey is that you are not pumping your body with harmful chemicals or ingredients. You are simply discovering what tunes the best with your body.

2. There are really two ways you can go on about adopting (mostly) a toxin-free lifestyle

You can nip it in the bud and adjust all your life spheres accordingly or you can take it one step at a time. Trying to overhaul your life can be overwhelming, to some even discouraging but you know yourself the best. Go with what feels right and makes you feel good.

When I was using mascara, made by a well known commercial brand, my eyes were always extremely sun-sensitive. At first, I thought it was allergies of some kind but one day I decided to swap to a toxin free mascara, and ever since my eye sensitivity has reduced substantially. Has it completely disappeared? No. Occasionally, when my eyes are exposed to extreme sun glare I still get a twinge or two, but certainly do not look like a sad clown with makeup pouring down its face anymore.

Which ever way you choose, make sure it is sooner rather than later because your body and mind will be forever thankful (and don’t forget animals and the planet will too!).

3. You will save money

Did I just make you giggle and rise your eyebrow at the same time? One of the first things that people tend to associate with a natural and organic lifestyle is that it is expensive and unaffordable. However, that is not always true.

In fact, the long-term health benefits outweigh the cost. You might find some products more expensive than commercial ones, and that is because sourcing organic ingredients, ethically will cost more than their non-organic alternatives. There are compliance fees and obligations that need to be met, legal wages covered as opposed to utilising forced labour (particularly in countries where workers are being exploited in most dehumanised conditions), certification rules, etc. These necessary steps do add up resulting in a higher cost,but on average the difference between a non-toxic, natural, organic products and their alternatives is marginal. Yet even that marginal difference is making a huge impact on our environment and improving peoples' working conditions and lifestyle.