What's Behind The Label

Jul 3, 2021
If you're new to health and beauty products that don't contain harsh synthetic chemicals, and you're trying to make sense of the jargon being thrown around, we hope this little snippet of information will shed some light.
Most cosmetic brands and beauty stores use terms like "natural", "clean", "organic", and "toxin-free" interchangeably, yet they may define each term differently. You probably already know that "natural" doesn't necessarily mean safe. Poison Ivy, Arsenic, and Lead are all-natural substances that can be harmful. So how can you know what's beneficial and what's best to avoid?
At Lavender Living, we define these terms as follows:
- Natural, toxin-free, or clean ingredients: free from toxicity or synthetic chemicals, made from safe, natural ingredients that are either derived from or obtained from natural sources, and food-grade where applicable.
- Organic ingredients: certified organic or in the process of obtaining certification, free from GMOs, synthetic chemicals, or other toxins.
So why make the switch to a clean, toxin-free lifestyle?
You'll never be able to control all aspects of your environment. Think about air pollutants, for example; you have no control over them. But you do have control over most of the products you consume or apply to your skin. And guess which organ is the largest? Your skin. Therefore, whatever you choose to apply to your skin will be absorbed into your body. There are two ways you can go about adopting a (mostly) toxin-free lifestyle. You can make the switch all at once and adjust all aspects of your life accordingly, or you can take it one step at a time. Whichever way you choose, make sure it's sooner rather than later, because your body and mind will be forever thankful. And don't forget that animals and the planet will benefit too!

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