Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings aka About Us

Thank you for landing on our website. You have navigated through an invisible online web-world of ever-changing search result rules, AdWords, coding and metrics to reach a website where your health and wellbeing is important to us, as it is our own.

In short, we are a family owned business, literally. Call us old fashioned but we sleep better knowing there are no creditors we owe money in order to keep this business going. It also means that the only thing that makes Lavender Living possible is your love and support for all the hard work that we do behind the scene. Honestly, we are incredibly grateful for every single purchase you choose to make with us!

If you got time to kill and would like to know the long story behind Lavender Living keep on reading!

It is true what they say, once you have children of your own you start seeing the world differently. You suddenly have this inner urge to create, provide your children with the best. You analyse every food and product ingredient to the point where a higher research degree might be on cards. So back in 2018, I decided that I needed to create a small ‘learning ladder’ through which my children will educate themselves about how to look after their physical and mental wellbeing. This made me think though, why we always have to wait for certain events in our life to look after ourselves and loved ones in a better way. Why, most of us, must get sick before appreciating health, have kids before deciding what we put in our body or apply to our skin, why isn't the self-care of our physical and mental well-being indoctrinated from an early age? Sure, there are 8 plus billion people on this planet and not everyone will share my views, but ultimately if you care about yourself, you are likely to extend it to the environment as well.

Prior to having children, I was being highly influenced by TV beauty ads and buying every suggested product imaginable. I was also being constantly tired and unwell despite leading a healthy lifestyle, or so I thought. You see, I did not put much thought into what is it that I am applying on my skin or consuming, as long as it smelled good and came in pretty packaging or had a hefty price tag I fell for it hook, line and sinker. However, my skin and my overall well-being was showing signs of having enough of it. At the time, there were not many natural, cruelty free, organic skincare or wellness products on the market, so self-care meant tirelessly researching ingredients (dial-up internet was as bad as some ingredients themselves!) and its impact on my general well-being. In hope of ingredient conscious, health driven beauty revolution ensuing sooner rather than later, I started working on the idea of promoting a comprehensive solution to healthy skin care and a nurturing lifestyle, often being thrown of the course with work and study. However, once I became mum and I waved bye to the ‘baby brain’ phenomenon the NOW IS THE TIME moment ensued. And so, the Lavender Living was born.

So why Lavender and what does Living got to do with it?

Lavender is known for its ability to purify mind and spirit. It represents calmness, serenity, grace and devotion, attributes I was hoping to awake in me and those around me by creating a lifestyle where you can be confident that your mind is nourished and your body is receiving the very best of what nature has intended for its optimal performance. In short, Lavender Living stands for pure living.

Think of Lavender Living as an online platform for conscious buying. Products that are beneficial for your personal use and environmentally friendly, kind to our planet and our animal friends. Think the very best from premium brands that offer products with carefully sourced and trusted ingredients known to be beneficial for your skin, health and home.

So leave the science to us and enjoy our hand picked selection of highly reputable beauty, lifestyle and wellness products that are known for their quality ingredients.

And of course, Big things often have small beginnings - we are glad you are part of ours as we continue to grow.

Shop knowing we put your health and well-being first!

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